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We all know that we are facing a pandemic situation around the globe. Due to COVID- 19 situations, people are not living a normal life. In Australia, we have seen a lockdown period for a few months. Life was stopped. After a few months, we gradually start the neo-normal area. In this time period, our customers are more trusted about our service. Presently we all understand the need for office cleaning in St Kilda. We believe corporate offices now more serious about hygienic. They now welcome the cleaning process in their office premises.

We have made a special team for commercial cleaning in St Kilda. In this pandemic situation, we understand what you need. So, our special team will provide the best office cleaning in St Kilda. They are trained and expert on how to face this situation. At this time we provide some special services to St Kilda office cleaning.

  1. Alcohol-based cleaning: Presently we are offering alcohol-based office cleaning in St Kilda. With alcohol cleaning, we clean the whole of our office area. Our expert team will rub and clean your floor area, reception area, windows, doors, and most importantly your washroom also. Now this pandemic situation we Regal Cleaning assure you to best St Kilda office cleaning.
  2. Sanitize your working place: Regal Cleaning also provides the sanitization of your office area. It will help you to clear from dangerous viruses and bacteria. Presently we all know sanitization is a much important part of our daily life. At your office also it is important to sanitize the work area. Our expert and knowledgeable team will help you in this matter. Our team members are all trained and have great knowledge of how to provide you the best sanitization in your office. Many people come to your daily. So, it is very important to maintain the hygiene of your office.


The services of regal cleaning: 

At Regal Cleaning, we provide varieties of services in the industry of office cleaning in St Kilda.We are the most trusted organization in Kilda who is offering commercial cleaning in St Kilda.

Commercial cleaning service: 

We provide commercial cleaning in St Kilda. It means our cleaning methods will help you to maintain a high standard in your commercial area. At Regal Cleaning, we use modern technologies and equipment which give you the highest level of cleaning. Our resources use scientific technologies which will give your commercial place a high impression. We can also create an image to your competitors and among employees that you are aware of the hygienic part in this pandemic situation.

Customized office cleaning facilities: 

We are in this industry for the last ten years. So, we understand that client’s requirements are different. So, we first try to understand the requirements of yours. Our team will visit your commercial area and do a survey at your office premises. They will understand your requirement first. And then give you detailed reports in which areas you need cleaning. As a professional company and master in office cleaning in St Kilda,we know the value of your time and money. As per our experience, we know that customized cleaning will save you money. Like, will only perform on areas in which you need the cleaning. We don’t force you to take all the services which you don’t need at this time.

We respect the client’s demand:

As an experienced player in the cleaning industry, we respect every business. We never differ among our clients. At Regal Cleaning each client is respectable to us. So, we never force them to take our services. For us, there is no big client or a small client. At Regal Cleaning, we respect every business. We are dedicated to our clients.

Janitorial services: 

We meet specific types of businesses. We believe in relationship building with our clients. And we have a reputation to provide trustworthy services to our clients for many years. Our clients know that the Regal Cleaning will never compromise with our services. We work with them as their own workforce.

Total quality care:

As we are the leader in office cleaning in St Kilda,we offer the total quality care to our customers. We never measure our work with time or money. Even we try to help our clients beyond expectation. This our service features in St Kilda. Our total quality core includes:

  1. Weekly and monthly inspection.
  2. We also provide a daily basis communication report to our clients.
  3. We provide specialized and customized service.
  4. Regal Cleaning always maintains the scientific measure and process to clean your office.
  5. We provide professional deep cleaning.
  6. We are part of the green movement so we motivate our clients to go eco-friendly cleaning. It will help them to maintain their hygiene in their commercial place.
  7. Regal Cleaning is offering the best team members in St Kilda. Our members are not only experts but also they are well trained and professional in their job.
  8. We are the communication master and offer the best customer service to our clients.
  9. We also provide the best affordable price to our clients.

If you have any queries about office cleaning services then please get in contact with us on 03 9056 9111 or 0430 296 290 or email us at and we will provide you with the information that you require.

Regal Cleaning Services is a leading commercial cleaning services company with over 10 years of experience, meeting the cleaning and janitorial needs of a wide array of corporations.

Regal Cleaning Services is headquartered in Melbourne and readily provides office cleaning, floor cleaning, and other janitorial services to Melbourne Central Business District and all surrounding suburbs.

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